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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tutorial: The easiest holiday bunting...ever.

The spooky photo I posted on Instagram. 
Another DIY post in less than six months!! This time it's crafty.

I made this bunting as a way to use items I had on hand and to provide a little handmade flair for our upcoming Halloween party. I posted the result on a few social media sites and someone asked how I did it. It's so simple and a great project to work on while marathoning a show (I watched The Walking Dead).

  • scissors 
  • stapler
  • paper
  • twine / yarn / string 

Step 1: Fold one sheet of paper in half (hot dog style)
You can also fold it into fourths to cut the shapes more quickly, but for most of my pennants I folded the paper in half. 

Step 2: Cut triangle or a notched banner shape
Remember to cut the sides that aren't folded. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for a variety of paper.

Steps 1 and 2
Steps 3 and 4
Step 3: Wrap paper pennant around your string and staple in place 
You could use glue, tape, or even sew the segments together, but stapling was the fastest method I could think of. Be sure to alternate colors and patterns as you assemble the bunting. 

Step 4: Tie off the ends with a simple slip knot
The knot creates a hanger for your bunting and will keep your pennants in place. 

Now it's time to enjoy your holiday bunting! The project took me about 20 or so minutes from start to finish. Unfortunately, I don't know where I'm going to hang it yet so this mirror is the temporary location.

I'll probably make a few more near Christmas. Anything to use up my overflowing shelf of craft supplies!

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