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Sunday, October 25, 2015

October: Life currently...

Photos from my instagram
Reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Listening to Halloween movies at work (we have them on in the background) 

Watching Walking Dead (only two episodes behind!), Extreme Homes, and Fixer Upper 

Wearing Layers, long sleeves, pants, socks... I'm not really ready for cold weather.   

Eating + Drinking So many donuts at work (I think it's the season change). Drinking lots of beer (also related to the season change).  Edit to add: I've been eating air-popped popcorn every night for the past month. This isn't really new for me, but it's my longest streak of continuous days (minus travel). 

Exploring Cincinnati breweries after my half last weekend, Pittsburgh during StepTrek earlier this month, and Dallas for a work trip (ok, I was mostly at the office and hotel).

Making ... well, drawing some illustrations for a kid's book. (This status is the same.) Hoping to make my Halloween costume soon. 

Feeling pretty good. I finished my biggest obligation yesterday and ran a 4 mile PR this morning. Now I need to focus on our Halloween party next weekend.

Planning the Halloween party!  

Wishing for time off to tidy up the KonMari way. I feel like I'm always saying this! 

Loving the fall color and slower pace. I go into hibernation mode in cooler temps and the tea, blankets, and books haven't been too bad so far! 

Looking forward to Halloween and getting the house super spookified. Plus, our bathroom reno is almost done! (!!!)

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How is your month?

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