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Thursday, August 20, 2015

August: Life Currently...

Photos from my Instagram
Reading Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

Listening to The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert (read by Juliet Stevenson). 

Watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (ok, I've watched one full episode). Also catching up on Switched at Birth (guilty pleasure) and Scandal.

Wearing mainly black and white to work, but I got my first pair of Oiselle Toolbelt Rogas last week and loved them so much I immediately ordered another pair. Hey, I haven't announced officially on the blog that I joined Oiselle Volée, have I? (A post to come, perhaps!)

Eating + Drinking Drinking lots of coffee and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.  Eating a ton of homemade Chipotle bowls. 

Exploring A neighborhood of fancy houses nearby. Found myself lost on the winding streets and next to a golf course I didn't expect to cross.  

Making a new website for the company I work for. It's always our last priority, but I have some time. (Honestly, it's just a quick face-life.)

Feeling very middle of the road. Looking for the next big aha moment... 

Planning a trip with my parents and Alex to Florida in February. Running a half in Naples and then my mom wants to go to Harry Potter world with me (!). 

Working on freelance for the first few weeks of the month. It has since slowed down a bit so I'm getting pumped to start the KonMari method

Wishing for two things: 1. some new "purpose" or goal in my life and 2. time off to get my house in order (this seems to be a recurring theme. Time to do something about it!).

Remembering all of the adult responsibilities I've been putting off! Ack. Stress. 

Loving the sunshine and clouds lately. Beautiful white puffy clouds on blue skies. Perfection! 

Looking forward to running Emerald City (hoping to redeem myself from last year's suckfest) and seeing good friends this weekend. I'm also looking forward to September plans. Should be a nice month. (Gosh, this summer went fast...)

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How is your month?

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