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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July: Life Currently...

Photos from my instagram
Reading I finished four books during my trip to Canada (last week) and my favorite was Megan Abbott's The End of Everything. I'm currently reading Einstein's Beach House, which I won on Goodreads. 

Listening Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance audiobook. So far, so good.

Watching Silicon Valley season 2. The first season reminded me of work, but now the guys are dealing with issues I've (thankfully) never had to think about. Good show. Glad they added a few more female characters. 

Wearing swimsuits last week (mixing and matching tops and bottoms is genius). This week I'm wearing my reject clothes. I took all of my good summer clothes to Canada and have yet to do laundry... 

Eating + Drinking I ate so much food last week on vacation. I'm going to try to avoid chicken for a while. Blargghh. Prior to vacation, I ate sushi almost every day for a week. Akai Hana is a new favorite spot. I drank a lot in Canada, too... it's kind of what you do around the campfire. During one overcast day we went to Gananoque Brewing.  

Exploring the area surrounding Red Horse Lake in Ontario. Usually we stick to the water, but this time we took a longish walk/hike past surrounding houses and lakes. 

Making not much, really. I finally ordered scrapbooking supplies for our wedding album. Two years later... 

Feeling Meh. Vacation was nice and it's good to be home, but I wish I had more time for house / life projects. 

Planning I'm considering an all-women half in September (a full month before my scheduled fall half). I've been training with marathoner friends, so I'll be ready physically. Not sure about mentally. Alex has kind of dropped the ball on our late-August Alaska trip, so who knows if that's happening (crying). 

Working on freelance. Always. It seems never-ending at the moment. I've made a tiny bit of progress on unrelated children's book illustrations, but not enough. I need to get it off my plate asap to make time for the aforementioned house / life projects! 

Wishing I could stay home and read all day. Maybe have someone organize all my junk so I don't have to. (I'm keeping this answer from June. It's still true. Gosh, this month went fast.) 

Remembering not much. I'm trying to keep my head above the water at the moment... 

Loving running and relaxation. It's keeping me sane. Also loving the samples from my Influenster I Do Vox box. Reviews to come. It's been fun testing things I wouldn't normally buy! 

Looking forward to a day off (again). I'm also looking forward to the next three weekends. Besides long runs, I don't have any plans! It's a miracle! 

How's your month?


  1. My bf said I should watch Silicon Valley. He said I would enjoy the show very much.

    1. It's pretty funny. Sometimes nerve-wracking, but in a goofy way! :)


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