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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five: Ten Years Ago...

It's time for Friday Five with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia! I skipped last Friday's Things that Make Me Happy (I think I've covered that a few times), but I'm back with Five Things I was Doing Ten Years Ago. I've enjoyed seeing the host's posts and hope you check them out! 

2005. Ten years feels like forever. I don't look back at high school and college as the "glory days," but it is nice to reflect upon (and appreciate) a time when I didn't have many responsibilities! I was always busy with organizations, school, and work, but college busy isn't the same as life busy! 

School: I was finishing my junior/senior year at Ohio University in Athens. As a result of my full course schedule, AP credits, and my 2004 summer study abroad, I could graduate a full year early. I finished my final class in July 2005. Finishing a year early was awesome, but I had no idea what I would do after graduation! 

DZ house and Court Street (I lived above a Wendy's)

Housing: My year was divided into three locations: my sorority house (Delta Zeta), a month-long stay at an apartment uptown in Athens (while I finished three summer classes), and my parents house. I only lived with my parents for a few months as I looked for a full time job, but I spent afternoons lounging by the pool and learning how to cook some ambitious meals. (A skill I rarely use.) 

The Kennedy Museum of Art is located in an old asylum

Work: From September 2004 thru September 2005 I was "Multimedia Design Assistant to the Curator of Education" at the Kennedy Museum of Art. It was my on-campus (paid) internship. I loved that job and would have worked there forever if they'd let me. I was able to design interactive kiosks and an entire gallery room for the exhibit at the time, From Sheep to Loom. In fact, one of my first websites ever is still online! In October 2005 I found a job at tracermedia, which is where I still work today! I've performed pretty much every role under the sun here (minus heavy development), so at least it isn't boring. 

High school BFF // With the OU Bobcat // my sorority twin (+ roommate), my big, and me

Social & Personal: Many of my friends were still in school during the fall of 2005. I saw more of my high school friends over the summer and spent time with my friend Linda on the Ohio State campus (close to home). Luckily, my sorority big graduated a year before me and was in the area. And when I started at tracermedia, I met a BFF who would one day introduce me to Alex! 

I dyed my hair a ton during this time. I also chopped it off in 2004 and spent the entire year moaning about wanting my long hair back. While walking around campus was a decent workout, and I occasionally went to the gym, I can't say I worked out very much. I tried to run, but it was normally an unpleasant experience...

What were you up to 10 years ago?


  1. Thanks for these peek into your life. I'm loving these posts!

  2. What a beautiful campus! It was fun digging up photos for this old post. Since I went to college in Maryland I was lucky alot of my friends stayed in the area after graduation + having my high school friends back in town.


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