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Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Five: My Loves

Happy Friday the 13th! I'm back with another Friday Five Link up with MarCynthia, and Courtney. This week's theme: All About LOVE. I've seen many different interpretations of this topic including gifts to give your love and a list of beloved running gear (in the shape of hearts, no less!). I'll begin with a simple list of what I love

Ireland in 2010. The guy reminded me of a Ralph Lauren ad.
1. Travel
I cannot get enough travel in my life. I'm always scheming my next trip. When Alex and I first started dating he went on one trip a year: Canada with his family. They'd been to the same place for eons and he didn't seem to care about going anywhere else. It took a while to pass on the travel bug, but I think our camping trips and visits to Hawaii have changed his outlook. He had more fun than he anticipated in Europe last summer and wants to keep traveling!

This photo was retweeted by Half Price Books on twitter. I'm famous. (Also, I've only read 2 of those so far.)
2. Books
I loooove books. Since 2009 I've averaged 73 books a year. I'm currently in the middle of a book re-shuffle: I'm making a big library wall in our guest bedroom. I'm hoping to add a reading nook, but we'll see how it goes! By the way, my favorite book store is Half Price Books. My top 5 favorite authors are (no particular order): Thomas Hardy, Willa Cather, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and Max Barry.

Our last Smokies trip
3. Hiking 
I love being outside. (I miss sunshine and warmth. It's NINE right now.) Growing up, my mom and I used to go for walks at the local metro park or Old Man's Cave. I went through a bit of a hiking drought between college and adult life, but Alex also loves hiking so we're always looking for a fun place to go. We try to go on one camping trip per year, but also make short trips to parks in the area to get our nature fix. (I can't motivate myself to camp for more than a few days in a row. I don't think guys understand camping struggles for ladies!)

4. Running 
Obviously! Man, I'm seriously considering a treadmill purchase. This extreme cold has me beat. I prefer cold weather running, but not when temperatures are under 15 degrees!

Hiking with Tobias!
5. My Dog
Man, he is so cute. (Tobias)

Thanks for joining me! Happy Valentine's Day and don't forget to visit the host's blogs to read their round-ups. 


  1. I love travelling to and am lucky I travel quite a bit for work. I am amazed how much you read. I have such a hard time concentrating, I must only read 10 or 15 books a year. A lot less than I used to.

    1. I've gotten to be a faster reader over the years, but another thing that helps is my husband's bed time. He has to get up three hours earlier than I do so I'll read for an hour or so before sleep! :)

  2. Tobias is adorable. I love to travel as well. Just GO and DO. I have a need to just be outdoors and in the sunshine. I was once an avid reader, but don't do that as much any more. I don't know why.

  3. aw your pup is precious! i wish i had room in our house for a treadmill!


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