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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Craft fair preparation

Made a few things this weekend... Getting back into making things is nice. Hoping to create things that are a bit more unique this week. We'll see...

Headbands - simple ribbon + elastic. Probably going to be about $1 each.

Clay thingies. Eventually these will be magnets. Closer to the holidays I will also make ornaments. After they dry, I will add some flair by doodling on them. See this Creature Comforts tutorial for inspiration. My advice: get cookie cutters. I will be buying a ton of awesome shapes in the months to come. 

Assorted ribbons, bows, flowers. I made up a few new felt flowers this time. Read some tutorials via Pinterest and adapted them to my needs. There are a lot of nifty tricks out there. I'm not sure these will appeal to anyone, but they are fun to make. 

I don't know what to expect with this craft fair since it's a first time event. If all else fails, I'm building my skill set and Etsy inventory and I'll be ready to rock my normal November show. 

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