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Monday, January 09, 2012

Books of 2011

If you've been a follower for a while, you may know that I enjoy reading. In years past I've read A LOT. This year, I dialed it down and focused on longer books and books in different genres.

Over the course of 2011, I read 39 books and 12,694 pages.

In order of completion: (click image to go to my Goodreads stats)

I did not read every night (I also played with my phone way too much before bed...). My original goal was 30 books, which I upped to 35 in August.  Not gonna lie, I'm a little sad I didn't make it to 40 after getting pretty close!

I'm still not sure what my goal for 2012 is. On Goodreads I've set it to 30 books, but if I can, I wouldn't mind getting back to 1 book a week (for a total of 52 books). Currently, I'm reading a massive 770 pager, so who knows if that's possible!

Did we read any of the same books? Do you have some favorites you'd like to recommend? Are you on Goodreads?

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