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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

quick fix: hutch


Tonight I wanted to do something fun, so I decided to paper the back of this hutch I inherited from my grandma and grandpa.

We have a billion glasses (these are just the fancy ones), so a hutch is a nice addition.

I used contact paper that I found for about $5. I DID NOT remove the backing. I simply used wood-safe double sided tape and stuck the pieces in place.

I hate contact paper. Thank goodness I wasn't sticking it to the back. It was hard enough to deal with the constant rolling and folding. And, a note to contact paper makers: If you're going to include a handy grid on the back, why not make it dark enough to see? And please connect the lines!

It was getting dark in the dining room. Maybe I'll take some better photos tomorrow.


Quick and (kind of) painless. A good fix.

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