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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday it rained until the early evening. Today, I woke up to sunshine and loveliness. So, after I got motivated, we went up to Highbanks Metro Park.

There are three trails that allow dogs, including Coyote Run. This so-called 3.5 mile trail felt like at least 5. And this is coming from two someones who hiked a freaking 6.7 mile snowy mountain trail in Oregon.

I know. Those all kind of looked the same. But it was so sunny and the clouds looked great.

Alex took his pack for a test run... and picked wild raspberries. I'm glad I didn't take my pack today.

A view on the way out.

Tobias was pretty tired by the end and took a nap on the way home. I like when he pants because he looks like a real dog.

Overall, great park. There are many more trails. Some are along the river and I would bet those would be a little more interesting for photos. Maybe next time...

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  1. So pretty! Oh I wish I could take my horse there! Although I think she would try eat all that greenery! :) I'm jealous, wanna trade? We have red dirt and cactus! heehee


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