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Sunday, March 01, 2009

stuff I've made: more notebooks

Today I continued my thing-a-day...err... thing. I don't have a clever name for it. Unless I actually keep up with it, I probably won't come up with one (March Madness occurred to me, but isn't everything March Madness?).

Anyway, here's another notebook made from paint swatches. This time, I used Martha Stewert ones from Lowes. They're great.
Pages were sewn in.
And the swatches were affixed to a piece of cardstock.

Next, I covered a blank card with scrapbook paper.
And stitched in the pages.

And then I covered another blank card with scrapbook paper, sewed in the pages, and added a flap....
... a flap that doesn't actually do anything.

And finally, I made a small notebook. I stapled the pages together then glued them into the book.

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