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Thursday, January 22, 2009

stuff i've made: scarves

I ended 2008 with a lot of scarf making. I made at least a dozen for Christmas presents but, of course, I forgot to take pictures of them! Luckily, 3 scarves made it home with me... here they are!

This is my Christmas scarf. I started it on Christmas Eve and finished up Christmas morning. Then I wore it around the house. :)

I took two yarns (red/white) and knitted a basic stitch.

This is my dark and short scarf. I love the yarn. Unfortunately, I only bough two skeins and they weren't very long (and unmarked... I got them from a bargain bin). If I get lucky and find another skein I'm going to knit another section and attach it with orange. I hope this happens!

This is my current favorite. While the red and white one is by far the softest, this one is pretty funky.
I used a chunky yarn and a much smaller thin one. I hope you can tell from the image above.
They were both variegated so it made a pretty cool effect. Very bohemian... at least to me.

I definitely enjoy making scarves (what a great way to combat my restlessness while watching TV and movies), but I need to branch out. Before I try hats or more blankets, I think I need to make a full project using something other than the basic knit stitch! I'm usually in such a time crunch to get these done so I'm always making excuses. My resolution for next Christmas: have something with some purls!

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