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Friday, September 05, 2008

inspiration: Get a sketchbook!

CraftyChica (aka Kathy Cano-Murillo) suggests we all have sketchbooks:

Tips for sketching:

• Don’t worry if you can’t draw well. You’re not going to enter your book in a contest; it is just a visual launching pad to get your creative juices flowing.

• Sketch everything, even if you know you won’t get to it for a while. When you are in a dry spell, you can just flip your book open and choose a project to make!

• If you see something you love at a store, sketch your own version.

• Only keep that book for sketching, that way you will stay focused.

• Keep a pencil pouch with an eraser and colored pencils handy.

• Keep your book close by at all times so you won’t miss any fab ideas!

I'm loving this idea. I have all these wonderful journals at home, but I get nervous when I pull them out. Why? Well, they're just so cool and sometimes my quick sketches aren't anything to show off. BUT her advice motivates me. I'm going to go home, grab a journal, and sketch up a storm!


P.S. I also love Minimeg's comment at the source: "It is also a great place to tape in things that inspire you..." I'm always finding things in magazines that get me excited. Wow, I want to start sketching now!

P.P.S. OK. This is why I get sketchbook nerves!

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