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Sunday, December 13, 2009

sweater hat

Remember this sweater I tried to make into a cardigan? Well, I never wore it. Why? It was way too hot. So tonight, when I got a creative urge to make something (which I've been missing out on recently... mainly due to work), I eventually decided to make a hat. Last night I was at a party and one of the guests had on a cute knitted hat. I know I could knit this, but not in one night. In comes the old sweater!

I took the body of the sweater for the main section of the hat and then attached half of one arm to create the wrap-around panel. Thanks to my grandma's never-ending stash for providing some buttons. I hand-stitched most of it in order to hang out on the couch with Alex.

Excuse my face here. I know it's Sunday night, but I'm still in my PJs. ;) What can I say? I didn't leave the house today. Thank goodness for online holiday shopping!


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