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Monday, April 20, 2009

part 2: backyard clean-up - planting a tree

In honor of Earth Day, here's a naturey post from my backyard.... 0n April 12. Better late than never!

So, to begin... I bought a tree. It's an Eastern Redbud and I purchased it with Alex's advice. (He steered me clear of the Crab Apples and Silver Maples)

Here's part of the backyard. That stump will be gone by the end of summer. Also, we don't have a fence between our yard and one neighbor. All the other sides had fences. We're probably going to break down and get a fence, but for now we're just going to plant stuff (another post to come!).

Alex dug a hole for the tree. Since he does this for a living I was in charge of picture taking.

Tobias wanted to help.

He doesn't like posing for photos.
I'm a nerd. I take pictures of my dog.
Some leaves beginning to sprout. We'll see how she holds up!

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