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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

part 1 (cont.): backyard clean-up - Bricks

Here are some more shots of yesterday's brick laying. Unfortunately, I didn't have any before shots. But that's ok. It basically looks the same.

This is the right side of the house. There's not much there. So maybe a low-light garden would help (it's north facing).

And here is the left side of the house. Look! Something's already growing out there.

This is the front of the house. It's already been done. I'm just going to add some color by way of small flowers and a hanging basket or two.

It was too cold today to get anything else done outside. That did give me some time to clean inside and finally clean out my closet. The next inside project is the dining room. I just need to hang lights over the table (with help) and get some curtains. I'll probably post the results. Oh boy!

And as far as crafts go, I'm currently knitting a St. Patty's Day scarf and plotting my next step in making the kitchen curtains. There are a few other projects on the back-burner. The weather is supposed to be cold for the next week so I'll probably get distracted from outdoor pursuits!

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