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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Easy & fun magnets

Tonight I made three different kinds of magnets. Well, four... but the other is still drying.

What you will need:
- magnets
- glue
- something sturdy and cool

These are super easy. The three seen here consist of chipboard letters, metal letters, and the bottle caps I painted for thing-a-day. The chipboard letters have one strong magnet on the back, the bottle caps have 2 (so they stick out past the cap's depth), and the metal letters have a small adhesive magnet. I attached the strong magnets with E6000 glue. I also glazed the bottle caps with Diamond Glaze. I think I like them better shiny... but I'm not 100% sure.

I will probably make magnets with the rest of the letters and bottle caps.

Now it's bed time. Today was the first almost warm day of the year and I spent part of it riding my bike, walking the dog, and raking leaves left over from the previous home owner. Yawn! :)

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