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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

thing-a-day 4: dino

Thing 4

I'm really swamped at work right now, but I managed to sketch a dinosaur while my files were committing to subversion. The sketch is based on a little figurine that sits on my desk. I gave my dino a sad face... probably because I was feeling pretty stressed myself!

To explain his frown, I got this funny mental image of the last remaining dinosaur standing atop a hill overlooking a polluted city. So, during lunch, I took my sketch into Photoshop and colored it in. I did it very quickly, but I ended up with 2 color variations.

The purple's kind of nice... maybe a twilight or dawn portrait?

But this one really shows the smog!

Sorry for the excessive rambling today! It's just nice to get away from work.

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