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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

inspiration: amazing (& realistic) work space

I have a new favorite knitter. Check out her blog.

I love her work space. There is a whole other side of the room - full of yarn, fabric, and in progress works - but it's this area that gets me excited. This room is so realistic. I'm tired of seeing the magazine spreads of a "crafter's work space" that looks more like a page out of the Container Store catalog than someone's actual living/working environment.

I love the vases holding her knitting needles in picture 1. I also enjoy her spool racks and the fabric covered cork board with the magnetic strip in picture 2. I really want a 3 drawer unit for my sewing doo-dads. I am so inspired right now. I need to make another trip to Ikea!

More about this works pace at the [source].

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