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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

2018 Injury and Goal Check-in

From a recent group run. Not me, but a friend.

Hola! Since I'm not doing weekly posts anymore I thought I'd pop in to the HoHoRuns/Taking the Long Way Home linkup and do a little mid-year check-in. (Umm... I wrote a draft of this on June 10th and forgot to post...) 

Injury Report: 

My stupid runner's knee returned after I stopped doing my PT stretches and working on my cadence. From late May to mid June my right knee would seriously swell after long runs. Luckily, after refocusing on PT and upping my mileage [I honestly think it gets worse when I run less], the pain is sporadic and doesn't affect my runs too much. It's not totally gone, but it's improved after two weeks of focused PT. So remember: do your stretches!

2018 Goal Check-in:

(These came from my end of 2017 post.) Let's see how we're doing:
  1. 5K PR. All miles under 7:55. Nope 
    I haven't run a 5k, so this hasn't happened yet. I'm not really training for speed, but maybe I'll make an attempt at August's Sweet Pea 5k?
  2. Half PR. All miles under 8:59. Yep
    I did it! 1:53 for an 8:40 overall pace. I have a half next month (Missoula), but since I haven't been training, I doubt I'll beat or match that time. Instead, I'm setting my sights on the Trinity River Run in Dallas while I'm at a work conference in mid November. 
  3. 10k PR. 8:30 pace or better. Yep
    Oh hey, I did this, too! This was a big surprise. I started slow and chatty and sped up a lot. 51:57 for an 8:21 pace. Sea level rules. 
  4. Keep up strength training.  Yep
    I'm still going to TRIBE classes twice a week.   
  5. Avoid injury! Nope
    I mean, I'm not broken anymore, but my knee is periodically swole. 
  6. Keep running with other people. Yep
    Not only did I break my 10k PR while running with a friend, I've been able to get out almost every weekend since spring with my BRFs on some beautiful roads and trails. Even though I'm kind of half-assing my current training cycle, getting out with others has allowed me to keep up my long runs and maintain a good base. 
Well, I guess that's all. My goal for the rest of the year: concentrate on PT exercises and keeping my right knee healthy!

Cheesin' with my baby muscles.

Did you make 2018 goals?
If so, how are they going? 


  1. Those PT exercises and stretches are so important! And yet, I slack on them too. I admit, they are always the first thing to go. You are doing great on the goals you set for yourself this year. A PR in the half and 10k distances is incredible! Thanks for linking!

  2. Hey, halfway through the year and you've accomplished most of your goals! I hope your knee will stop being swole though. I think I'm going for a 5K PR at Sweet Pea too.


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