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Sunday, October 08, 2017

How to Win Books on Goodreads

Books I've won this year

I've been posting my Goodreads wins on Instagram and Twitter and keep getting the same question: "How do you win so many books?" It's true. I've won a lot of books in the second half of 2017. I've won 43 books since 2009, 12 of those since June 2017. So how do I do it?
  1. Join Goodreads. You must have an account to win. 
  2. Rate and review a bunch of books. Keep track of your reading throughout the year and make yourself a power user. You can't win books if you don't read. 
  3. Enter a TON of giveaways. You can find Giveaways by clicking "Browse" > "Giveaways" from the top menu. This is the most important step. I have entered 3,450 giveaways and won 43 books (.012%). So, no, I'm not lucky. I enter a ton. I took a long break from giveaways, but in the past 4 months I've done a good job entering giveaways while we watch TV on Sunday night. I enter at least 25-50 and it keeps me from mindlessly scrolling sites like Facebook. 
  4.  Enter giveaways of 25 copies or more. I enter one copy giveaways if I'm genuinely interested in reading a book, but lately I concentrate on the big giveaways. If there are 100 books your chances are obviously higher. I will say, I've stopped entering giveaways for books that look absolutely terrible (see #5). 
  5. Read and review the books you win. Kind of like #2, but my BRF (best reading friend) Tricia and I have a theory that you have a better chance of winning more books if you read and review the ones you've won. There have been a few times where I've hated the book and didn't make it all the way through. I still reviewed it.  
This is completely unscientific. These tricks may or may not work for you. If you want to be friends on Goodreads, here's my profile.


  1. I've never tried Goodreads giveaways (actually I just realized I have a profile I set up YEARS ago then never used), but I just entered a ton. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!


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