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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Weekly Review: Getting Settled

Mountains everywhere!
Hola! I'm a day late for my Weekly Review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin, but what can I say? Weekends are full of food and hikes and blogging takes a backseat.

March 20–26
Monday: 3 mi run
Tuesday: 3.5 mi run 
Wednesday: 3.1 mi run
Thursday: 2.6 mi run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 2 mi hike Story Mill Spur; 2.2 mi hike Triple Tree Trail
Sunday: 3.3 mi hike Triple Tree Trail loop, 3 mi run

Running Miles / Elevation: 15.4 miles / 98 ft
Hiking Miles / Elevation: 7.5 mi / 1031 ft

New Plan
Work helper
We're settling into Bozeman and a new routine, so I decided to start a new training plan. I chose Hal Higdon's advanced 10k plan to focus on April 22's Tenacious Ten in Seattle. Of course, I don't have 8 weeks, so I had to start on week 4. Even with my pathetic previous month of training I knew I could pick it up in the middle without too much issue.

My only "failed" workout came on Wednesday when I did 4 x 400 instead of 9 x 400. I did a mile warm up and cool down (unheard of for me!), but ran my 400s way too fast (7:00-7:15 pace) so I was spent by #4. I really could have run more, but I called it quits. Lazy!

Overall, my runs were too fast and I paid the price when my IT band started to act up by Thursday. I broke out pigeon pose and my foam roller and made sure to take the two prescribed rest days.

New Job
I planned to spend last week doing our taxes and running errands. That didn't happen because I got a job. It was serendipitous... or something. I've been working with the same freelance client for a few years and when I turned in a project on Monday they asked if I'd be interested in a steady job. I love working with them so it was a no brainer. I may get a job here in Bozeman someday, but for now I'm enjoying the illustration work and semi-flexible schedule.

View from Triple Tree
New Trails
On Saturday we ran bunch of errands, went to a brewery for lunch, then tackled the very easy Story Mill Spur Trail. It was only a mile one way but lead to another brewery, so we stopped for a drink and turned around. We still had energy so we went to the Triple Tree Trail. We went a mile through prairie and mud until we hit a second entry point. Alex and I didn't feel like doing the remaining 3 mile loop so we turned around and went to the grocery.

Triple Tree before we got to the top
On Sunday we went to brunch, lazed around, then went back to Triple Tree to finish the 3.3 mile loop. It was a decent climb full of switchbacks and we had another great view of Bozeman. Besides the periodic muddy parts it was an excellent trail. It's also right next to a neighborhood of giant houses with an amazing paved street that would be perfect for hill work. I will be back!

As seen along Saturday's walk
I still haven't joined a running group. I need to get my bike out of storage so I can get around town (free bus system seems cool, but it takes a while to get anywhere if you need to switch buses). I'll figure it out.

Until next week...


  1. Do you read Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem? She lives in Montana and I believe it's near Bozeman. (I could be wrong about that!) Anyway, just FYI. Your trails look lovely. I hope you are settling in and it's awesome you had a job offer so you wouldn't have to stress over that in additional to the move. Thanks for linking, Elizabeth!

    1. Looks like she's about 2 hours away -- which is actually close in Montana! haha Sorry for the late response! Montana is pretty great. :)

  2. Congrats on your new job! Loving all the new pictures you are sharing.


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