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Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Five: DIY Halloween costumes

I'm linking up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for another Friday Five. This week's theme is Free Friday, so I thought I'd share some last minute costumes I've made over the years. 

Every costume was made the day of and I've ranked them from "very easy" to "a bit of work"

VERY EASY: Skeleton
What you need: Black and white face paint. I had a skeleton tank top, but it's not necessary.
Potential con: A group of us went as skeletons. Even though it was Halloween, ICP was in town and people mistook us for juggalos.

PRETTY EASY: Harry Potter character
What you need: a white button down shirt, dress pants/skirt, and potentially a sweater. Bonus points for a wand (stick), something featuring house colors (a tie or scarf), and the appropriate color and texture of hair (in my case bushy and brown for Hermione, in Tricia's case red and sleek for Ginny).

What you need: fishnet tights, layers of clothing, lots of jewelry, glitter, blue lipstick, and a wig. Write PARTY on your arm for maximum effect. Unfortunately, my good wig didn't get delivered on time so I had to settle for a crappy Halloween store wig.

NOT MUCH WORK: A unicorn
What you need: The worst part of this costume is gathering supplies. You'll need a cool cosplay wig (or not), leotard, tights, tulle for around your wrists and ankles, and some paper to make a horn. I put it all together in 30 minutes or so, but it took some preparation because I ordered everything off of Amazon.

What you need: I followed this tutorial for the dress and this for the mask. It only took me a few hours, but it was definitely more labor intensive than the costumes above. Alex went as a bird watcher, which was much easier to put together.

What are you going to be this year?

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