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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five: Five Things I Did This Summer

Hello. Once again, I'm teaming up with Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney for the Friday Five linkup. This week's theme is Five Things I Did This Summer

I revisited a FF post from the beginning of June (Favorite Summer Activities) to see how many things I checked off of my list. I did pretty well! It's almost as if I knew my summer plans when I wrote the post. ;) In the interest of variety, here are some other things I did this summer:

Race / Festival Volunteering
Alex and I set up our favorite local drinks festival (Digfest) in crazy heat, then returned later in the day to cash in our free drink and food tickets. We also received a t-shirt and cup. A month later we volunteered for gear check at the Mayor's Twilight Ride, a bike event through Columbus. For that we received a t-shirt, pizza, and a free entry to a future (running) race. It's a great time. You meet new people, get a behind the scenes view of events, and a free race.

Patio dining
We've done a pretty good job getting outside to eat. Tobias usually gets his leash tangled around the table as he tries to steal food, so it was a relief to find he'll sit calmly if I set up a throne of towels for him.

Trying new wine
A continuation of patio dining... we've been trying New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. Alex started this experiment, but we're trying to find our favorite whites from the Marlborough region so we know which wineries to visit when we go there. I'm a big red wine drinker, so this has been a change for me, but I've adjusted. ;)

When we went to Canada we canoed and got to play on the SUPs. I love stand up paddle boarding. Maybe I'll try SUP yoga. (Probably ought to attempt land yoga first.)

Spending time with friends
One of my good friends got into a scooter accident (not her fault) and as a result we've had more friend get togethers to visit with her in the hospital and at home. The reason sucks, but it's been really nice to see everyone on a semi-regular basis. Last weekend we had an epic brunch at her place...

What have you been up to this summer? 

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