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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuff I've made: catching up (again)

I made some more pins right before last month's Grandview Hop. These were taken with my old camera and I've got to say what a difference the SLR makes! I'll have to take some fancy craft shots some time.

Anyway, here are the pins. Mainly felt with some beads.

I feel like no one ever shows the back of their stuff. That's my biggest gripe with Etsy postings. I HAVE to see the back. I need to know if there's goopy glue or a loosely applied pinback. I'm not an accurate machine, but I try to keep the hardware secure and decent looking. I wonder what the professional crafters do.

Here is my stunningly arranged display of pins... on a pillow... on the recliner. Ooooh.

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