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Friday, November 06, 2009

Semi-tutorial: knitted iPod case

Tonight I finished up a case for my iPod classic.

To be honest, it started as a practice for knitting and purling (I am really lazy and usually only knit, so when I do purl I have to watch YouTube videos over and over). About an hour into it I realized two things: First, I can knit and purl without watching a video beforehand! This is going to open so many new knitting doors for me! and Second, this was much too narrow for a scarf!

So, I picked the nearest item that could fit if I made a pouch (the iPod), stitched the sides together, added a button and loop, and a lovely pouch emerged!

It was really easy. Here are some basic steps:

  1. Cast on enough stitches for the width of the pouch (account for the side stitching!). It needs to be an odd number because you knit on the first stitch and knit on the last stitch.
  2. k1, p1, repeat until the end, k1 to finish the row
  3. Repeat for however many rows you need
  4. Bind off
  5. I used my excess yarn from the bind off to make the loop. Basically, I used my crochet hook and tucked in the excess yarn, created a loop, and then made sure it was secure (if you need a better explanation of this, let me know. I know this is pretty shoddy.)
  6. Stitch the sides together using a running stitch with your yarn and crochet hook (same color, or alternating color). You could be adventurous and do a blanket stitch here.
  7. Attach your button (after placing your item in the pouch and seeing where the loop lines up). I used purple thread. You could use embroidery floss, too.
  8. Admire your pouch!

Again, if those steps are badly written, let me know. I'm posting this from my phone!

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